DIY Mosaic Kits

DIY Mosaic Kits

Choose a DIY Mosaic Kit as a great and unusual gift:
Kit 1 - Mirror with Hearts
Kit 2 - Crazy Daisie Photo Frame
Kit 3 - Cuddly Teddy Bear
Kit 4 - Dear Diary Box
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Mosaic Inserts from Studio Tylo

Ceramic inserts are shapes, figures, words or phrases made with clay.  They come in any size from 10mm to 100mm. Studio Tylo handmakes all inserts with  top grade clay producing high quality, glossy, colourful and durable inserts.

Add Texture to your Mosaic Project

Inserts add to your mosaic project by creating texture and depth in your work. They are placed in a decorative manner amongst the tesserae in your mosaic creation. All the pieces used in a mosaic are called tesserae, which is derived from the Latin word for cube and the Greek word for four. When planning your project, first choose your ceramic inserts and then match the colours of your background tiles to it.

Our most popular inserts are hearts, flowers, roses and words such as LOVE, GRACE, HOPE, FRIENDS, FAMILY, LIFE, PASSION.

Inserts can also be made in pewter, glass and wire.

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Range of Mosaic Inserts

  • sea animals
  • flowers, leaves, fruits, plants
  • hearts
  • crosses
  • faces
  • decorative tiles
  • houses, cars
  • sun, moon, stars, clouds
  • swirls and curls
  • clay animals
Triangles and swirls  Hearts Moon, flowers, sea horses 
Go to our Gallery to see more photos of mosaic inserts.